[PYTHON] What is Django? .. ..

Many people who start learning Python will hear it. About Django. .. ..

It's for me and I hope it helps someone learn.

One of the most famous web applications created using Django is Instagram, which everyone loves (I don't do). It is the Nikkei electronic version that you are familiar with from the "Nikkei Denshi Burn" that you hear in commercials. (I only use the free quota every month.)

Maybe many people who want to learn Python are interested in machine learning and AI? Python has become popular in recent years due to its extensive library of excellent data analysis and machine learning.

Django, the Python framework, is expected to continue to grow in popularity.

So what is Django? .. .. ..

Django is a framework for creating web applications in python. Django has many features needed for web applications, which lowers development hurdles. Example) Django is equipped with an authentication function around the user as standard, so you can easily develop functions such as user registration that are almost always prepared in recent applications.

It can be said that the feature of Django is "full stack".

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