Check if the characters are similar in Python

As the title says I tried to make it as an anti-spam measure A function that returns True if it has the specified number of characters Forgive spaghetti source code You may not be able to use it so much w After powering up, edit to make a new one


Take out character by character and add it to the one to compare it and check if it exists

The one I made first

def similer(b,a,m):
    al = list(a)
    cc = ""
    cu = 0
    co = 0
    cuo = 0
    for c in al:
        co += 1
        for ck in al:
            cuo += 1
            if cuo-1 < co-1:
            cc = cc + ck
            cu += 1
            if cu == m:
        if cu == m:
            if cc in b:
                return True
        cc = ""
        cuo = 0
        cu = 0
    return False
#Spaghetti source code w
#Maybe it can be made more compact, but please forgive me
#It was a hassle

The one made by another person in the comment section (additional note)

This one is overwhelmingly easy to understand and compact I learned something Thank you

def similer(b,a,m):
    return any(a[i:i+m] in b for i in range(len(a) - m))
#Take it with a slice and confirm it and return with any
#It will be a great study

Example of use

similer (characters to be checked, characters to be checked, length of words to check if they are worn) Can be used in.


A spam message that sends a message with random characters that was a chat. True is back.

b = """Hello. This is Flage Chat
a = """Hello. This is Flage Chat

# True

Ordinary message

False is back because it's not spam.

b = """i-FILTER false positive w"""
a = """Was put in a long time ago"""

# False

Look if you're trying to use

Note! When using it in a chat app, check it several times or repeatedly. If you send it with a person's name, it will be misjudged as spam. Sometimes short sentences cannot be detected. Let's repeat it by increasing the last argument of the function in order.

False positive example

If you compare these things, the name of the person tasuren will be True.

b = """Did tasuren do it?"""
a = """Because tassuren did hugahuga"""

# True

So When True is returned as spam five times in a row when sending a message five times It's spam! It is better to make it feel like letting you know.

the end

It's the end!

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