[PYTHON] I want to pin Datetime.now in Django tests


I really wanted to fix Datetime.now (timezone.now) when I was making a Django test. That memo.

things to do


Code to test


from django.utils import timezone

def hogehoge():
    #Get the current time including the time zone ex. datetime.datetime(2020, 10, 30, 15, 35, 29, 482661, tzinfo=<UTC>)
    return timezone.now()

I want to test code like this.

Test code


from unittest import mock

class TestClass(TestCase):
    def test_hogehoge(self, mocked_now):
        now = timezone.make_aware(timezone.datetime(2020, 10, 30, 19, 30))
        mocked_now.return_value = now  #Set return value
        r = hogehoge()
        return self.assertEqual(r, now)

This will replace timezone.now in your code with a mock.


PyCharm's auto test is convenient for testing. If you rewrite the code, it will be automatically re-executed.

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