[PYTHON] Seaborn, matplotlib garbled characters resolved in Windows10, Anaconda virtual environment

Garbled Japanese characters when drawing graphs

When I tried to display Japanese in the graph, the characters became garbled and I was quite addicted to it, so as a memorandum.

When using a virtual environment with Anaconda, it will be reset to "Every environment".


Without Japanese font

Characters are garbled with the display of missing from current font.


Motivation for posting

The font used to eliminate garbled characters may be MS Gothic, but it seems that the license-free font ʻIPAex Gothic, which can also be used on Linux, is often used. In some past reference articles, past fonts such as ʻIPAP Gothic were used, so I was addicted to writing with reference to that.

Obtaining and implementing Japanese fonts

It can be obtained from the IPA site. In 2020 Oct, ʻIPAex font v4.0.1` seems to be the latest. Follow the procedures such as terms of use to download and unzip.


Copy ttf file to the following folder

C: \ Users \ [your account] \ Anaconda3 \ envs \ [virtual environment name you want to use] \ Lib \ site-packages \ matplotlib \ mpl-data \ fonts \ ttf

File rewriting

Open the matplotlibrc file in the following folder with Notepad etc.

C: \ Users \ [your account] \ Anaconda3 \ envs \ [virtual environment name you want to use] \ Lib \ site-packages \ matplotlib \ mpl-data

Around line 250

  1. Add ʻIPAexGothic,to # font.family :. (It seems that the defaultsans-serif` can be deleted.) Also, change the name as appropriate depending on the font used.
  2. Added ʻIPAex Gothic,` to # font.serif:.
  3. Save your changes


Clear cache

  1. Put the cache file fontlist-vXXX.json in C: \ Users \ [your account] \ .matplotlib to the Trash
  2. Copy the modified file matplotlibrc file
  3. Ready cache3.png

Check if the garbled characters have been resolved

Reboot the virtual environment mojibakefinlal.png

The garbled characters have been successfully resolved.

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