[PYTHON] Difference between SQLAlchemy filter () and filter_by ()

I will explain the difference because there are two functions, filter () and filter_by (), when searching the DB with SQLAlchemy, which is one of Python's O / R Mapper.

It was obvious when I looked at the official documentation. filter_by(),filter() In conclusion, fileter_by () seems to have the advantage of shorter code.

filter (): {model}. {variable name} can add table column value to search condition filter_by (): Column value can be added to the search condition only with {variable name} without model

It is easy to understand if you look at the code, so if you specify it

# filter()Description example when using
    filter(MyClass.name == 'some name', MyClass.id > 5)

# filter_by()Description example when using
    filter_by(name = 'some name', id > 5)

Personally, fileter_by can be written shorter, so I thought it would be convenient.

If anyone knows how to use filter (), which is useful when saying this, I would be grateful if you could let me know in the comments.

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