[PYTHON] Add the attribute of the object of the class with the for statement

If you want to create multiple attributes of an object, you can use the built-in function setattr. There are three arguments: the object to which the attribute is added, the attribute name, and the value.

import numpy as np

class Test:

test = Test()
for i in range(10):
    setattr(test, 'var' + str(i), np.random.randint(10))


for name, value in test.__dict__.items():
    print(f'{name} : {value}')


var0 : 2
var1 : 6
var2 : 2
var3 : 1
var4 : 2
var5 : 2
var6 : 7
var7 : 2
var8 : 7
var9 : 4

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