Use "$ in" operator with mongo-go-driver


In MongoDB, I have a $ in operator that retrieves a document that corresponds to one of several values. This time I will write what to do when you want to use $ in with mongo-go-driver.


As mentioned in the article How to use the elements of a slice in bson.A using mongo-go-driver 0.2.0, make the value of the array following $ in type bson.A. And set. As stated in the here documentation, bson.A is the type that handles arrays in queries.

Implementation sample

Only the setting part of the query is described as a sample. I will omit the description up to the collection acquisition, so please refer to the article I tried using the official MongoDB Go Driver by @ yotahada-nus3 for details. As the content, refill the slice that holds the content of "_id" you want to narrow down to bson.A type and set it in the query.


func SampleGetByIDs(ids []string) error {
	//Collection acquisition process is omitted ...
	idBsonA := bson.A{}
	for _, id := range ids {
		idBsonA = append(idBsonA, id)
	filter := bson.D{{Key: "_id", Value: bson.D{{Key: "$in", Value: idBsonA}}}}
	cur, err := col.Find(context.Background(), filter)
	//The cur acquisition process is omitted ...

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