[PYTHON] A simple example of how to use ArgumentParser

I tried using ArgumentParser for the first time in Python.

There were various articles on how to use it, but it took me a long time to find out what I wanted to do in a hurry, so I almost gave up, so I will leave it as a memo.

What I want to achieve is

When the following is executed, all files in testDir will be processed.

$ python3 check.py testDir  --all

When executed without specifying --all, I want to process a specific file among all the files in testDir

$ python3 check.py testDir
Pass the directory as a parameter

First of all, as the first step

parser.add_argument('directry', help='input directry')

Execution result

$ python3 check.py testDir
Also specify the conditions to execute

Next, allow "--all" to be specified as an option.

parser.add_argument('directry', help='input directry')
parser.add_argument('--all', help='Existence check',action='store_true',required=False) 

Execution result

$ python3 check.py testDir --all
$ python3 check.py testDir

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