[MariaDB] Install MariaDB on Linux and create a DB and an operating user.

This is a memo when MariaDB is installed to use EC2 of Linux2 as a DB server on AWS. (Overwhelmingly for myself)

First of all

sudo yum update -y

installation of mariaDB

sudo yum -y install mariadb-server

mariaDB start

sudo systemctl start mariadb

Set the password for the DB root account

mysqladmin -u root password

Log in to the DB with the password you set with the root account

mysql -u root -p

Create DB with {database name}

CREATE DATABASE {Database name} DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE uft8_general_ci;

The user who has given full operation authority to the created {database name} DB Created with {username} and {password}

grant all on {Database name}.* to {username}@"%" identified by '{password}';

From the next time onward, set mariaDB to start automatically when the server starts

sudo systemctl enable mariadb

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