Python if statement

About Python if statement example sentences

I wrote how to use if for each pattern. I also referred to the example using multiple functions. The conditional expression structure contains the necessary lack of knowledge.

Problems / errors that are occurring

for n in range(2,10):
    for x in range(2,n):
        if n % x == 0:
        print(n,'is a prime number')

In addition, the code under the condition of specifying the numerical value is as follows.

If and number specification pattern

x = 25 //Specify a number
if x < 0:
elif x ==0:
elif x ==10:
elif x ==50:
elif x ==25:
"""Determine the conditions for the branch point from else
   print('Condition name')

A review from the basics, but to add

  1. Notation of designation of characters in the list

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