Function to extract the maximum and minimum values ​​in a slice with Go


When writing code in Go, the process of calculating the maximum value or the minimum value in the slice I used it several times, so make a note so that I don't forget it.

Get the maximum value in a slice

func maxInt(a []int) int {
    return a[len(a)-1]

Get the minimum value in a slice

func minInt(a []int) int {
    return a[0]

Sample code

Copy and execute the following code with The Go Playground

package main
import "fmt"
import "sort"

func main() {
	test := []int{7, 8 ,1, 4, 3, 21}

	fmt.Println("max:", maxInt(test))
	fmt.Println("min:", minInt(test))

func maxInt(slice []int) int {
    return slice[len(slice)-1]

func minInt(slice []int) int {
    return slice[0]


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