CLI and Linux basic terms

It is a compilation of basic CLI and Linux terminology for output by programming beginners.

CLI and Linux basic terms

  1. CLI (command line interface) A tool that operates a computer by typing commands.

  2. GUI (Graphical User Interface) A mechanism for operating using graphics.

  3. Terminal Mac default CLI.

  4. Terminal display (in order from left) Username ... Your name. Computer name ... The name of your computer. Current directory ... Current directory. Prompt ... $ or%. Indicates that the computer is waiting for instructions.

  5. Directory A file container for organizing multiple files on your computer. Simply put, it's a folder.

  6. Root directory A directory at the top of a hierarchical structure. On a Mac, the directory just below Macintosh HD.

  7. Current directory The directory you are currently working on.

  8. Home directory A directory that you are working on when you start a new terminal. On a Mac, the directory for / Users / username. It is represented by "~".

  9. Path A character string that indicates the location of a directory or file. There are two ways to specify it. The absolute path is "the path specified from the root directory" Relative path is "path specified from the current directory"

  10. Linux commands A command to instruct a PC at the terminal.


I was able to summarize the basic terms related to CLI and Linux.

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