[PYTHON] Calibrate the model with PyCaret


Make a model

Data loading

from pycaret.datasets import get_data
diabetes = get_data('diabetes')


Modeling using a decision tree

#Import classification package
from pycaret.classification import *
clf1 = setup(data = diabetes, target = 'Class variable')

#Make a decision tree
dt = create_model(estimator='dt')


Check the Calibration Curve before calibration


Calibrate the model

calibrated_dt = calibrate_model(dt)



What is the calibration done?


Which model needs calibration "Yes?"

algorithm Before calibration After calibration
download.png download.png
RBF SVM download.png download.png
download.png download.png
XGBoost download.png download.png
LightGBM download.png download.png


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