[LINUX] About the SystemChannels API to take advantage of Flutter platform-specific features


Describes the API System Channels for using platform-specific functions from Flutter.

What is System Channels

First of all, basically I don't recommend using this API </ font>. This API is used a lot inside the Flutter Framework, but since it is an intermediate layer API as shown below, it is highly likely that it will change in future version upgrades.

If you look at the [Source Code] of SystemChannels (https://github.com/flutter/flutter/blob/master/packages/flutter/lib/src/services/system_channels.dart), the contents use MethodChannel, EventChannel, etc. You can see that. Please refer to here for Method Channel and Event Channel.

スクリーンショット 2020-02-11 13.16.33.png

Types of System Channels

Several types are available for each application. The list is shown below.

type function Higher Flutter Service
lifecycle life cycle widget
navigation navigation widget, system_chrome
system unknown….hereUsed in, but virtually nothing widget
accessibility Accessibility(Text reading etc.) PlatformViews, Semantics
platform System setting(Screen rotation,End etc.) SemanticsService,RouteNotificationMessages etc.
platform_views Platform-specific view operations AndroidView, UiKitView
skia Graphics -
keyEvent Key input RawKeyEvent
textInput Text input TextInput, AndroidView, UiKitView

Sample code


Life cycle listener

  print('<SystemChannels.lifecycle> $message');
  return Future<String>.value();


Navigation operation listener

SystemChannels.navigation.setMethodCallHandler((call) {
  print('<SystemChannels.navigation> ${call.method} (${call.arguments})');
  return Future<dynamic>.value();

system It can't be used for anything, it's not used, and you can ignore it.

For the time being, set only the callback

SystemChannels.system.setMessageHandler((message) {
  print('<SystemChannels.system> $message');
  return Future<dynamic>.value();


Text-to-speech sample

SemanticsService.announce('Hello world', TextDirection.ltr)

The Flutter Framework internal implementation of is below.



final AnnounceSemanticsEvent event = AnnounceSemanticsEvent('Hello world', TextDirection.ltr);


Exit the app


The Flutter Framework internal implementation of is below.

Exit the app



It is used in flutter_web, so please refer to it.

Create a view like this

final Map<String, dynamic> args = <String, dynamic>{
  'id': 1,
  'viewType': 'Create WebView',
SystemChannels.platform_views.invokeMethod('create', args);


Skia cache size setting. There is no other function, and now I can only do this ...

const maxBytes = 4 * 1024 * 1024;
SystemChannels.skia.invokeMethod('setResourceCacheMaxBytes', maxBytes);


Key input listener

SystemChannels.keyEvent.setMessageHandler((message) {
  print('<SystemChannels.keyEvent> $message');
  return Future<dynamic>.value();


Keyboard display ON/OFF


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