A story about a Linux beginner passing LPIC101 in a week


This content was written in 2019. I'm usually a web engineer writing Ruby and PHP.

I'm touching MacOS, so I can understand Linux commands.

Why I decided to get LPIC101

** I wanted an OUTPUT that was easy to understand from the outside. ** ** I personally like to input, but it's annoying to output. However, I realized that it would be difficult for people to evaluate it, so I chose ** qualification ** because the easy-to-understand OUTPUT and INPUT are directly connected to the OUTPUT.

There was a server column in the company evaluation, so Server x Qualification => LPIC I arrived at.

What kind of qualification is LPIC in the first place?

Simply put, Linux certification Is it easier to understand if you look at LPIC Official HP?

There is a house turmoil It seems that there are LPIC and LinuC. It seems that the basic level feeling does not change like that, LPIC: Global LinuX: Unique to Japan It seems. .. ..

Study method to pass LPIC in one week

--Solving the problems in the problem collection -Solve the problem with pint-t

Reference problem collection I used

LPIC問題集 amanzon

Solve the problem, read the explanation of the wrong problem, wait a few hours, and then solve it again. Even if you don't know anything, if you read the explanation and search the internet for something you don't understand, you will be able to understand what it is!

When you can get about 80% of the points with ping-t, go to the actual test.

Production LPIC exam

Apply at Pearson VUE.

On the day of the test, start the test if you hear an explanation about it a little earlier or have a photo taken.

Most questions are choice questions.

I got the same question that was similar to the one I was practicing in advance. Thanks to that, when I first saw the problem I know OR I don't know Can be judged immediately.

As soon as the test is over, you will get a pass or fail.

What I learned by challenging the qualification

If you apply for the test date first

――It costs money --Time is limited

You can put pressure on yourself in a good way. In my case, I made an appointment for the exam a week ago and was able to work on it in a super-intensive manner!

I highly recommend it!

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