[LINUX] Wget files on OneDrive

Summary of this article

File linkage between environments where FTP or SCP cannot be used (or it is troublesome to enable it) via OneDrive

Prerequisite environment

wget --version
GNU Wget 1.14 built on linux-gnu.


Make files uploaded to OneDrive shareable

Operate on the web interface.

Right-click on the target file and press "Share". 2020-07-11 (2).png

Generate a file download URL

Right-click the target file again and click "Embed". 2020-07-11 (2).png

Click "Generate". 2020-07-11 (4).png

The URL is defined in the src attribute of the generated embedded tag. Replace embed? `` `of this URL with download? `` `.


The URL after rewriting will be the download URL.


Wget the file at the destination you want to link. The URL must be enclosed in single quotes.

wget 'https://onedrive.live.com/download?cid=xxxxx' -O <file name>

This completes the download.


It's quite convenient when it's not enough to prepare the environment. If it's a big file that can't be uploaded to OneDrive, let's FTP it obediently.

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