[PYTHON] Try to implement yolact




git clone https://github.com/dbolya/yolact.git
cd yolact
pip install opencv-python pillow==6.2.1 pycocotools matplotlib
pip install cython
pip install torch==1.2.0 torchvision==0.4.0    # CUDA10.Stable at 0

Compile DCNv2 when using yolact ++

cd external/DCNv2
python setup.py develop

Inference with trained model

  1. Download the trained model https://drive.google.com/file/d/15id0Qq5eqRbkD-N3ZjDZXdCvRyIaHpFB/view?usp=sharing
  2. Perform inference

Learn with original data

  1. Prepare the dataset in coco format (image + JSON)
  2. Download the pre-learning model
  1. Modify the config file (2 places) First fill in the database definition,

        test_dataset = dataset_base.copy({
            'name': 'Test Dataset',
            'train_images': 'path_to_training_images',
            'train_info':   'path_to_training_annotation',
            'valid_images': 'path_to_validation_images',
            'valid_info':   'path_to_validation_annotation',
            'has_gt': True,
            'class_names': ('my_class_id_1', 'my_class_id_2', 'my_class_id_3', ...)

Then change the default config file and exit.

    yolact_base_config = coco_base_config.copy({
        'name': 'yolact_base',

        # Dataset stuff
        # 'dataset': coco2017_dataset,    # default
        'dataset': test_dataset,    # Original Dataset

        # 'num_classes': len(coco2017_dataset.class_names) + 1,
        'num_classes': len(test_dataset.class_names) + 1,
  1. Learning
  1. Model accuracy evaluation

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