The story of making a tool to load an image with Python ⇒ save it as another name


Friend "Make a tool to pick up an appropriate image file from a folder containing a large number of image files, copy it to the same level as the folder, and then rename the image file to the folder name." I'm crazy


1. 1. Suppose you have a folder like this

Each folder such as "Kizuna AI" and "Mirai Akari" contains a large number of images and has a file name such as 001 ~.

Target folder

 ├ KizunaAI
 │  ├ 001.jpg
 │  └ ....ipg
 ├ MiraiAkari
 │  ├ 001.jpg
 │  └ ....ipg
 └ ....

2. Do it this way

Copy an appropriate image file from each image folder, place it in the same hierarchy as the folder, and rename the file name to the name of the folder to which it belonged.

Target folder

 ├ KizunaAI
 │  ├ 001.jpg
 │  └ ....ipg
 ├ KizunaAI.jpg
 ├ MiraiAkari
 │  ├ 001.jpg
 │  └ ....ipg
 ├ MiraiAkari.jpg
 └ ....

that's all! !! !! !!


I implemented it in my Anaconda environment for the time being. I said, "I've been asking for it again, so I wonder what kind of serious content it is." キャプチャ.PNG

from PIL import Image
import os, glob

rootpath = "./images"
files = os.listdir(rootpath)
#Get all directories under rootpath
dirs = [f for f in files if os.path.isdir(os.path.join(rootpath, f))]
#Since it's a big deal, it's displayed on the console
print(dirs)    # ['dir1', 'dir2']
#Run for all directories
for dir in dirs :
    #Scan all files
    files = glob.glob(rootpath +"/"+ dir + "/*.*")
    #Pull out the extension
    targetFile = files[0]
    root, ext = os.path.splitext(targetFile)
    #Image open
    img =
    #Rename and save directly under the root path +  '/' + dir + ext)

Make it an EXE

Anaconda is a little annoying, so I will make it EXE and make it work with one click

1. 1. Install Pyinstaller

It is a great tool that makes an EXE for each Anaconda virtual environment. In other words, it seems that even people who do not have a Python environment can run it with this. I'm in trouble to spit out an EXE that exceeds 300MB for a code that is less than 1KB, but I forgive it because it is convenient.


conda install -c conda-forge pyinstaller

As an aside, I prefer to install with conda.

2. Make it an EXE

Be hurry up


pyinstaller --onefile

I "done (not saying no bugs)" Friend "I'll do it!"


My friend "If there is a" [] "in the folder name, it won't work, but that's it." I "Fa !?" My friend "Well, I'll do it manually because there are only a few." I "Gusei"

If I have time, I will post this bug-fixed version as well.

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