[LINUX] Set up a file server using samba on ZeroPi of Friendly Arm [Personal import]

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It is a continuation of the following article. Set up a file server using samba on ZeroPi of Friendly Arm [Purchased Items]

I'm still a beginner of Qiita, so when I was looking at the Qiita community guidelines,

Qiita is a "service for recording and sharing programming knowledge", so

There was.

Then, I feel like writing an article that does not come out with programming, but Hardware is necessary for this purpose, but how to secure the hardware is also an indispensable part. I'll write it comfortably without thinking about it.

By the way, this time I will explain a series of flow regarding the purchase of ZeroPi.

There are certain hurdles to shopping on overseas sites, so I hope it will be helpful for those who feel the wall around that.

Purchase route

There seemed to be no purchase route in Japan, so I bought it from the official website of friendlyelec. https://www.friendlyarm.com/

In other words, it will be shipped from a company in Shenzhen, China. You will be importing products from overseas.

If you hear that, people who have never done it may feel uneasy, The purchasing process itself is no different from buying on amazon. Just add the product to your cart, set the shipping address, and enter your payment information to receive it.

The differences from the Japanese site are as follows.

--English or machine translation I don't understand I need to read Japanese

Even though the pie is so small that there is no purchase route from Japanese companies in the first place There can't be a decent Japanese page ...

――There are many cases where shipping costs are incurred

Since it is from overseas, it is necessary to carry it by plane or ship. After that, it will be about airports / ports in Japan ... so it will cost more than buying from Japan. It's natural, isn't it? In addition, there are means such as courier for those who want to "send surely" and "send quickly". That also depends on the money.

--Long delivery time

Almost the same. And it is unstable for various reasons.

--Trouble shooting is difficult

Compete with foreigners with different values to see who will suffer the loss ... It seems to be troublesome to hear. Is it a countermeasure to buy from a reliable / possible place in this area, and to buy only the ones that can be completely damaged at worst?

――The products you handle do not always comply with Japanese laws and regulations.

Especially when it comes to technical suitability, devices that emit wireless such as wifi in Japan need to be certified. And those that are not sold in Japan are not certified. Therefore, it is illegal to install the device. There is a risk of being pulled.

This time ZeroPi does not emit wireless, so it should be okay, This does not apply to the other products on the sites introduced.

"Isn't the output enough to interfere with radio waves with USB-powered devices at most?" "Even if you use it, it won't be revealed?" "Isn't Japanese law catching up with the reality in the first place?" There are many things to think about, but let's comply with the law.

There are many other things, I think it's a good idea to buy something as low as this time and study various things while looking at your painful eyes.

Purchase procedure

Click here for product page https://www.friendlyarm.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=266

I wanted a case, so I chose Metal Combo as the Product Option. image.png

It was easy to want a cable, so I checked MicroUSB Cable in ZeroPi Purchase Combination. I don't buy the serial cable because it is set by SSH.


After that Click ADD TO CART to add to cart → click shopping cart in the upper right At this point, the item price will be $ 17.96.

After that, click CHECK OUT and enter the membership registration / shipping address (in English).

Then select the shipping method. If you pay, you can shorten the delivery time, Considering the cost of goods, it is the cheapest $ 7 China Post option. image.png

Although it is the cheapest, it can be tracked, so it will be enough considering the delivery date.

After that, if you pay with paypal, the purchase procedure is completed.

History of transportation

It took less than a month from order to arrival.

9/15 order 9/23 (!) Shipping 10/9 (!!) Arrival in Japan 10/10 Delivery completed

When I searched on the net, I found that "Shenzhen is about a week", but There was no such thing.

In the first place, it takes a considerable amount of time to ship. Even after that, it took more than two weeks to arrive in Japan even though it was not a sea mail. On the contrary, the delivery after arriving in Japan is quick.

Why did it take so long? However, long vacations in China are involved.

--9 / 13-15 Mid-Autumn Festival --10 / 1-7 National Day

I have a good day off. Working on holidays ~~ I'm crazy ~~ The country is probably Japan.

Obviously, holidays vary from country to country. The time may change every year, so you should check that area each time.

Luggage tracking

That's why you should wait slowly, but that's right. It is humanity that I can't help feeling uneasy when things come from overseas.

You can track even overseas cargo. (It seems that there are some things that cannot be done yet)

The tracking number and link are also prepared on the friendlyelec side.

First, click order history from the person mark on the upper right of the web page you ordered. image.png Then select the relevant order. image.png

Then you can check the shipping status. image.png

Immediately after the order is completed, the "Order Status" is "Complete", When shipped, it will change to "Shipped" and the "tracking number" will be displayed.

You can use the tracking number to search for "Express website" below.

In the case of China Post this time, You can also make inquiries from the tracking site of the post office that handles transportation within Japan. https://trackings.post.japanpost.jp/services/srv/search/input

The information that can be obtained varies depending on the site. We recommend 17track, which is convenient because you can check it with your smartphone app. http://www.17track.net/en https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/17track/id1004956012

Arrival and opening

Here is the package delivered by the post office. image.png

It's crazy. Well, considering that I've crossed the ocean all the way for at most $ 7, it's profitable just to get it.

By the way, the contents are in the cushioning material (Chinese newspaper) There was something I was looking for in a bubble wrap bag. (I forgot to take a picture)

Click here for products. image.png The other side image.png

It's small. I attached a case as an option, so if you think that it is something to assemble exactly here, It arrived in the finished state. Considering transportation, it was better than coming as a board, and it was good that the effort was reduced.

At the end

This is the personal import edition. What do you think. Next, let's talk about OS installation.


I think it took a long time to write. .. I should measure the time, I wonder if qiita does not have such a function.

In communication, you say that you think about the other person, Writing a sentence to an unspecified number of people is It's difficult to imagine the knowledge of the reader, isn't it?


It seems that there is a completely different product with the same name. Don't get confused. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1204283/zeropi-arduino-and-raspberry-pi-compatible-develop/community?lang=ja

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