Set a fixed IP in the Linux environment


Set a fixed IP for the CentOS 8 virtual machine created in Hyper-V Connect to virtual machine with Tera Term


CentOS 8.1.1911


Check current status

● Check the status with a command

# ip a
# ip a show dev eth0

eth0: inet

This will give you the current private IP address. Network address "192.168.10" Host address "4"

Edit configuration file

● Edit the interface setting file as follows.




I don't use IPV6, so I changed IPV6INIT from "yes" to "no". Other parameters related to IPV6 have been excluded.

・ BOOTPROTO: IP address specification method [none / dhcp / bootp] If you want to specify a fixed IP, you can use "none" or "static".

・ IPADDR: IP address to specify Add an appropriate host address to the previous network address.

・ PREFIX: Prefix length Maybe this is NETMASK or either parameter? maybe. .. ..

・ GATEWAY: Router IP

・ DNS "" is Google Public DNS

● After setting, restart the network

# systemctl restart NetworkManager

When you check the status ... eth0: inet

ipv6 disabled

Even if I checked after restarting in the previous procedure, inet6 was set. There may be no problem, but I didn't intend to use it in the settings, so I will disable it.

● Create the following files


net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6 = 1
net.ipv6.conf.default.disable_ipv6 = 1

● Reflection

# sysctl -p/etc/sysctl.d/disable_ipv6.conf

When I checked the status, inet6 disappeared.


● Enter the set IP address コメント 2020-02-09 112306.jpeg

● Connect after entering the user and password コメント 2020-02-09 112307.jpeg

I was able to connect. For the time being, let's assume that you have done what you want to do.

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