Searching for pixiv tags and saving illustrations using Python


I wanted to see a lot of pixiv illustrations from Python. There seems to be little Japanese information on pixivpy, so I will leave it as a memo.


Windows10 Python 3.8 pixivpy 3.5.8 :


Prepare pixivpy From the command prompt

pip install pixivpy



from pixivpy3 import PixivAPI
from pixivpy3 import AppPixivAPI

import json
import os
from time import sleep

def login(id, password):
    api = PixivAPI()
    api.login(id, password)
    return api

def search_and_save(apilogin, searchtag, min_score, range_num, directory):
    api = apilogin
    aapi = AppPixivAPI()

    saving_dir_path = os.path.join(directory, searchtag)
    if not os.path.exists(saving_dir_path):

    for page in range(1, range_num + 1):
        json_result = api.search_works(searchtag, page=page, mode='tag')
        illust_len = len(json_result.response)

        for i in range(0, illust_len):
            illust = json_result.response[i]
            score = illust.stats.score

            if score <= min_score:
                print("Cartoon:" + str(illust.page_count) + "page") if illust.is_manga else print("An illustration")
                if illust.is_manga:
                    print(">>> title:", illust.title)
                    manga_info =
                    for page_no in range(0, manga_info.response[0].page_count):
                        page_info = manga_info.response[0].metadata.pages[page_no]
              , path=saving_dir_path)
                    print(">>> title:", illust.title)
          , path=saving_dir_path)

def main():
    searchtag = "Search tag"  #Search tagを入力。半角スペースで分けることで複数タグ検索可能
    min_score = 2000    #DL only for illustrations above this score
    range_num = 1   #Search up to the page with this value. 30 sheets per 1p
    directory = 'Destination directory'  #Create a folder with the search tag name under the specified directory and save it there.

    apilogin  = login("User name", "password") #User nameとpassword入力

    search_and_save(apilogin, searchtag, min_score, range_num, directory)

if __name__ == '__main__':

You can search as you like by changing the variables below the main function. It also supports posting in manga format (a format in which one title has multiple illustrations).


--I want to save directly to Google Drive --Pick up the top 20% of the searched illustrations in order of score

Reference site

-Collect an infinite number of illustrations from pixiv [python] -I wanted to get an infinite number of illustrations from any illustrator from pixiv -Batch DL of pixiv follower's comics and illustrations

All of them were very helpful in their polite articles.

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