[Python / Selenium] XPath

Here's some useful knowledge to keep in mind when scraping with Selenium.

XPath You will need it to get the Element. The image below is easy to understand.

image.png Required for crawler creation! XPATH notation summary --Qiita

XPath Helper There is an extension that is very useful for identifying XPATHs, so I'll list it here. XPath Helper

You can get the XPath by holding down the Shift key and moving the cursor. image.png Chrome Extension! Installing and Using XPath Helper \ | WATLAB -Python, Signal Processing, AI-


XPath can also be omitted as shown below.


Webdriver method

If you look at the article below, I think there is no problem. Selenium webdriver Summary of frequently used operation methods --Qiita

The methods I often use are summarized below.


#Specify the URL to use


#Return to the previous page

driver.quit It is possible to close the window.


driver.execute_script I also use this quite a lot.


Working with Selenium in Python and executing JavaScript embedded in html --Qiita

driver.find_elements As introduced above, it can be used as follows.


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