Put the process to sleep for a certain period of time (seconds) or more in Python

Implementation when you want to stop processing for a certain period of time in Python.

When calling an external API many times in a for statement, you may want to leave a certain interval. But it's a little inefficient if you always put a certain amount of sleep. I want to put sleep if the processing time is less than a certain interval.

Example) I want to leave an interval of 2 seconds or more between requests to the Twitter API.

import time
from datetime import datetime

def hoge():
    start = datetime.now()

    #Here API request and related processing

    exec_time = (datetime.now() - start).microseconds

    #If the process does not take more than 2 seconds, sleep for a minimum of 2 seconds
    sleep_sec = float(2000 - exec_time) / 1000
    if sleep_sec > 0:

There seems to be a better way to write it.

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