[LINUX] Process the files in the folder in order with a shell script

[1. What you want to do](#What you want to do) [2. Code introduction](# Code introduction) [3. Execution example](# Execution example) [4. Bonus](# Bonus)

Thing you want to do

Get the data (name) in the folder. In this article, I will introduce a shell script of a loop statement that changes the extension of files in a folder from .txt to .log.

Code introduction

** Current folder status **

Status before execution

$ ls
1.txt   2.txt	3.txt	4.txt	5.txt	main.sh


for filename in *.txt
	mv ${filename} ${filename%.txt}.log

Execution example

main.run sh

sh main.sh

Post-execution status

$ ls
1.log   2.log	3.log	4.log	5.log	main.sh

You can see that the .txt extension has been changed to .log.


You can also use it if you want to number hundreds of thousands of data. If you add a counter in the middle of the for minute, you can number a large amount of data at once.


for filename in *.txt; 
	mv ${filename} data_${cnt}.log;
    #Increment of cnt variable
	cnt=`expr ${cnt} + 1`

Post-execution status

$ ls
data_1.log  data_2.log  data_3.log  data_4.log  data_5.log  main.sh

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