Linux standard textbook memo part 6

Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN)

A network that interconnects multiple closed computers such as schools, homes, and offices is called a local area network (LAN). A network that connects LANs in remote locations is called a wide area network (WAN).

IP Data is sent and received between computers connected to the network according to a fixed protocol. Current Ethernet (wired LAN) standard networks use TCP / IP as the protocol. IP is responsible for sending packets consisting of destinations and data.


When TCP receives one piece of data, it checks for errors such as data corruption, and if it is incorrect, requests data resending. It has the role of improving the reliability with which data arrives. UDP does not check for errors or control data retransmission, but it can send data at high speed. It is suitable for speed-oriented communication such as video and small data that you do not have to worry about some loss.

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