[PYTHON] Japanese localization of Pycharm


Environment windows7 32bit

If you download the Japanese zip file from the official website and execute .exe from the decompression destination, ~ .dll does not exist I was addicted to it because I couldn't translate it into Japanese.

I was able to easily translate it into Japanese with just a few tips.

Pycharm Japanese localization

  1. First, download the Japanese localization plug-in body

Pycharm: Japanese localization plug-in body

  1. Select ** Pycharm folder ** as the decompression destination

  2. Execute .exe from the decompression destination

4, launch Pycharm

That was all.

By the way, my Pycharm installation destination is C:\Program Files\JetBrains\PyCharm Community Edition 2018.3.7\bin It was in.


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