[LINUX] [IBM Cloud] Place the ISO file in the object storage

This is how to upload the iso file to the object storage of IBM Cloud and boot the VSI as an image.


① Select "Object Storage" from the "Storage" tab on the portal. 20180615151444.jpg Image quality is too bad!
(2) Click "Add Container" and enter the container name.
③ Click the created container and click "Add File" I can upload it, but

** Up to 20MB maximum size for uploading / downloading files from the portal ** There is a limitation.

(^ ω ^) ・ ・ ・ ・ I can't put anything

So upload the file via the Linux server. In this case, there is no size limit.

④ Introduce Swift client to Linux First, click "Display Credentials" on screen ①. 20180615152507.jpg Check "Username", "Password", and "Endpoint Authentication".

The endpoint is "Public" when sending from a terminal that can connect externally, When sending from a server with Softlayer's private LAN such as VSI, make a note of "private".
Log in to the terminal that sends the file, Install the pip command, swift-client.

yum install epel-release
yum install python-pip
pip install pip --upgrade
pip install python-swiftclient

Environment variable settings


export ST_AUTH=https://tok02.objectstorage.softlayer.net/auth/v1.0/
export ST_USER=xxxxxxxxxxxx
export ST_KEY=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Enter the credentials you wrote down in USER and KEY. AUTH is sent via public from a server with an internet connection outside Softlayer in this procedure.


. ~/.bash_profile

⑤ Upload the file

Container list display

swift list

File list display in the container

swift list container name

Upload file

swift upload container name/xxxxx.iso --use-slo --segment-thread 30

When completed, you can see it from the portal. However, it is not ready for use yet.
⑥ Import the uploaded file as an image

Portal "Device" ⇒ "Management" ⇒ "Image" Click the Import Image tab. 20180615154915.jpg Select the account, cluster, container where the file is stored, and file name to import.

When completed, it will appear as an image template, so It is possible to "boot from the image" on the device details screen. The image template costs $ 25 / GB per month, but the file itself is stored only for the object storage fee, so You can delete the image after use and import it whenever you need it.

That's it

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