[LINUX] I wrote you to watch the signal with Go

tl;dt https://github.com/nozo-moto/signal_kansitai


A little research, I wanted to know what kind of signal was sent to the application


Go language can handle when there is a signal in the created goroutine by doing the following.

c := make(chan os.Signal)
go func() {
	for {
		s := <-c
		log.Println("signal :", s)

Good logging I wanted to write to standard output and log file, so I used ʻio.MultiWriter`

logfile, err := os.OpenFile("./signal.log", os.O_APPEND|os.O_CREATE|os.O_WRONLY, 0666)
if err != nil {
	panic("cannnot create log :" + err.Error())
defer logfile.Close()
log.SetOutput(io.MultiWriter(logfile, os.Stdout))
log.SetFlags(log.Ldate | log.Ltime)

It handles the signal like this and sends it

% tail -f signal.log
2020/02/09 21:48:01 alive :
2020/02/09 21:49:01 alive :
2020/02/09 21:50:01 alive :
2020/02/09 21:50:33 signal : hangup false

I tried to drop it when SIGTERM was sent. Survival is confirmed once every 60 seconds. Also, systems that cannot be handled, such as SIGKILL, cannot be handled and die.


I found out that there is a signal to change the window size of the terminal called SIGWINCH.

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