[LINUX] I want to convert an image to WebP with lollipop

WebP was officially supported on April 27, 2020: tada: [^ webp-official] So now you don't have to do the hassle of:

[^ webp-official]: PHP7.3 now supports "WebP" format image files that are effective in speeding up the site! --Lollipop

I managed to convert JPEG and PNG images to WebP format on a lollipop rental server. It is premised on the standard plan or higher (SSH connection is possible).

Lollipop PHP does not support ʻimagewebp` function

WebP conversion? ʻImagewebp` It's easy to use the function: thumbs up: If you think ...

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function imagewebp()

 Did not work. If you check with `phpinfo ()`
 It turns out that lollipops don't support WebP. [^ webp-support]
 [^ webp-support]: When I contacted support, I received a reply that there are no plans to support WebP at this time (March 26, 2019). ~~ I would like to expect it in the future. ~~

## Build an environment that can be converted to WebP on your own
 `cwebp`Images can be converted to WebP format by using command line tools ([A new image format for the Web | WebP | Google Developers](https://developers.google.com/speed/webp)). In other words`cwebp`The solution is to make it available on the lollipop server.

### policy
 Copy the `cwebp` command line tools and required libraries built in a lollipop-like environment to the lollipop server. Since `make` and` gcc` cannot be used on the lollipop rental server ([Available command list --Lollipop](https://lolipop.jp/manual/user/ssh/#p-command)), the rental server It is impossible to build on.

### Build build environment
 Build an environment similar to a lollipop rental server with VirtualBox. The point is to match the version ** [glibc](https://www.gnu.org/software/libc/) **. [^ glibc]
 [^ glibc]: Try downloading [Precompiled WebP utilities](https://developers.google.com/speed/webp/download) and running it on a lollipop server, `` cwebp: /lib64/libc.so. 6: version `GLIBC_2.14'not found (required by cwebp) `` and you can see that it doesn't work. [^ glibc2]
 [^ glibc2]: You might think that changing the version of glibc on the rental server ... but it's not possible because many programs depend on glibc. If you force it, all commands will be invalidated and you will get stuck (Reference: [[Solved] relocation error: /lib64/libc.so.6: symbol _dl_starting_up Solution --Qiita](/ sachiotomita / items / ef29520c55fc168191d8)).

#### Check glibc version of lollipop server
 On the rental server


When you execute

GNU C Library stable release version 2.12, by Roland McGrath et al.

The version is displayed as (it was 2.12 in my environment).

Installation of CentOS 6

Build a CentOS 6 (64bit) environment with glibc version 2.12 with VirtualBox. Since the rental server is CentOS [^ server-spec], the OS also matches it.

The method of building the environment with VirtualBox is not described in detail here. To explain it quite roughly

  1. Install VirtualBox
  2. Download CentOS 6.10 (64bit) from the x86_64 link in Download --CentOS ( It is recommended to use aria2 because it can be downloaded at high speed [^ aria2-qiita]. )
  3. Install CentOS with the downloaded ISO

It is a flow. I enabled and used SSH without a GUI.

[^ server-spec]: Server specifications-Lollipop [^ aria2-qiita]: Reference: [Use explosive downloader aria2, which is several times faster than curl and wget --Qiita](/ TokyoMickey / items / cb51805a19dcee416151)

Build cwebp

Build with CentOS of VirtualBox. MostlyCompiling the Utilities | WebP | Google DevelopersIt is written in.

Installation of required packages

Without this, the input image cannot be read even if it is built.

sudo yum install libjpeg-devel libpng-devel

Download and unpack the source

Download libwebp-1.0.3.tar.gz from downloads list and extract it below

tar xvzf libwebp-1.0.3.tar.gz


Considering the trouble of uploading to the rental server later, install it in your home directory (~ / bin / libwebp-1.0.3).

cd libwebp-1.0.3
./configure --prefix=$HOME/bin/libwebp-1.0.3
make install

Allow it to run on a lollipop server

Copy required files

Copy the following files to the home directory of the rental server.

Local (VirtualBox) Rental Server
~/bin/libwebp-1.0.3/bin/cwebp ~/usr/bin/cwebp
~/bin/libwebp-1.0.3/lib/libwebp.so.7.1.0 ~/usr/lib/libwebp.so.7.1.0
~/bin/libwebp-1.0.3/lib/libwebpdemux.so.2.0.6 ~/usr/lib/libwebpdemux.so.2.0.6

Creating a symbolic link

Create a symbolic link for your library.

cd ~/usr/lib
ln -s libwebp.so.7.1.0 libwebp.so.7
ln -s libwebpdemux.so.2.0.6 libwebpdemux.so.2

Setting environment variables

Pass the path so that you can find the cwebp and the libraries it uses.

cd ~
vi .bash_profile

Enter the insert mode with the ʻInsert` key and add the following contents.


export PATH=~/usr/bin:$PATH

After editing, press the ʻEsckey to enter command mode, press: wqto save and exit. By reloading.bash_profile` with the following command, the path will be in the state. From now on, if you log in with SSH, your pass will be passed automatically.

source ~/.bash_profile

If you try running cwebp and the display looks like the one below, it's OK.


   cwebp [options] -q quality input.png -o output.webp

where quality is between 0 (poor) to 100 (very good).
Typical value is around 80.

Try -longhelp for an exhaustive list of advanced options.

If you get an error that the library cannot be found, you can copy the library to the rental server by referring to ~ / bin / libwebp-1.0.3 / lib / in the local environment.

Use from PHP

Please note that you need to set environment variables as well as ~ / .bash_profile when using from PHP. Specify the environment variable with the absolute path from the root (path like / home / users / ..., you can check with the pwd command) instead of~ / bin / ....

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