How to swap elements in an array in Python, and how to reverse an array.

I will write how to exchange elements in an array in Python and how to reverse the array. Thank you.

n = [*range(1,6)]
for i in range(len(n)//2):
    n[i], n[len(n)-i-1] = [len(n)-i-1], n[i]
#The beginning and the back, the second and the second from the back are exchanged.

If the goal is to reverse the array.

n = [*range(1,6)][::-1]
n = [*range(1,6)]
reverse_n = sorted(n,reverse=True)
#sorted is non-destructive, does not change n itself, and returns n in reverse order.
n = [*range(1,6)]
#sort is destructive and modifies n itself. The value returned is None.

that's all. Thank you very much.

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