[PYTHON] How to delete expired sessions in Django

Delete expired sessions in Django: blush:

Sessions are stored in the database by default in Django. If you leave it alone, the number of expired sessions will increase, so I would like to show you how to delete it.

Tried environment

Django 3.0.5 Python 3.8.2

Confirmation of specifications

If you check the specifications, the recommended method is written. Clearing the session store

Django does not provide automatic purging of expired sessions. Therefore, it’s your job to purge expired sessions on a regular basis. Django provides a clean-up management command for this purpose: clearsessions.

It's your job to clean up regularly, as it doesn't clean up automatically. But it feels like I have a command.

Apparently, there is a command called clearsessions.

How to delete

Just go to the directory where manage.py is and type the following command.

$ python manage.py clearsessions

This seems to remove ** only expired sessions ** from the database.


DB table check

You can see the session in the ** django_session ** table. Currently contains ** 2 ** data.

sqlite> select session_key, expire_date from django_session;
3dub24wutcq28y7lhgnfl2rasoy37646|2020-07-11 19:20:40
g7s29wnv45boguo5np33yroq61t4v9c2|2020-07-25 13:50:10

expire_date is 2020-07-11 and 2020-07-25.

Delete by command

Check the current date and delete the session.

$ date
Sunday, July 12, 2020 23:00:36
$ python manage.py clearsessions

Let's check the table.

sqlite> select session_key, expire_date from django_session;
g7s29wnv45boguo5np33yroq61t4v9c2|2020-07-25 13:50:10

There are only ** 1 ** cases. As of 2020-7-12 23:00:36, the 2020-07-11 session has expired and has been deleted.

For your information

Let's actually check the source code of the command. source of clearsessions

class SessionStore(SessionBase):
    def clear_expired(cls):

expire_date < timezone.now() You can see that the data before the current time is targeted.

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