[LINUX] Experiences that passed LPIC-1 (Level 1) ver5.0

Summary of this article

I took the LPIC-1 (Level 1) version 5.0 and obtained it, so I will post the study method as a memorandum. I hope this article will be helpful for those who are thinking of taking LPIC or who are currently studying.

Teaching materials used

Azuki book (Linux textbook LPIC level 1 Version 5.0 compatible) Amazon

Linux Textbook LPIC Level 1 Speed Master Questions Version 5.0 Compatible Amazon

Ping-t (101 exam range is free) Website

Study flow (101 exam)

I was afraid of the exam, so I set the study time to one month and started studying.

** Week 1 ** ** ・ Read one Azuki book for the time being ** Instead of memorizing command options or trying to understand the details, read with an image that gives you an overall picture. There were some commands that I knew from the beginning, but it took me a week because I couldn't keep up my motivation because I had only first-time knowledge.

↓ ** Weeks 2 and 3 ** ** ・ Solve Ping-t's WEB problem collection for each field, and read the answers and summarize the wrong problems in a notebook. ** ** Of course, I made mistakes at first, so it took a long time. When I was reading the Azuki book, I thought, "There are too many options! I don't feel like I can remember them!" I can remember it unexpectedly when I put it together in a notebook.

** ・ When ↑ is over, solve each subject until the total amount is reached. ** ** If the total number of questions is 100 or less, it will take one day, and if it is 150 questions or more, it will take two days to make money.

↓ ** Week 4 ** ** ・ Solving Ping-t frame questions ** As for the frame questions, it would be good if we could answer 20 questions for each subject with a stable answer of about 80%. (Because I was lightly despaired when I saw the total number of questions in the frame)

** ・ Solve the Speedmaster problem collection. ** ** Spimas also had some issues that weren't asked in Ping-t. The guy who thought that this problem was a little difficult went to the main exam as it was, so Highly recommended if you have the time and money. However, I feel that Ping-t alone can cover about 70%.

** ・ Ping-t's WEB question collection will be used for mock exam mode ** Solve it anyway. If I have free time, I will do Ping-t. Ping-t human.

Test result (101 test)

Examination date: June 27, 2020 Score: 700 Pass line: 500 Result: pass

System architecture: 87% Linux installation and package management: 75% GNU and Unix commands: 92% Device, Linux file system, file system, hierarchy standard: 92%

The frank impression of taking the 101 exam was ** "I didn't need a month to prepare" ** Even when I finished solving it, I felt a lot of response, and I was able to press the "End test" button with confidence.

Study flow (102 exam)

From the results of the 101 exam, I thought, "Isn't it possible to go in two weeks?" And set the study time to two weeks. The flow is almost the same as when it was 101.

** Week 1 ** ** ・ Solve Ping-t's WEB problem collection for each field, and if you make a mistake, read the answer and put it in your own notebook. ** ** In the 102 exam, the configuration file and directory are often asked with the full path, so I was consciously trying to remember it even before I asked the frame questions.

** ・ When ↑ is over, solve each subject until the total amount is reached. ** **

** ・ If you make all the questions, do the mock exam mode about 5 times. ** ** Unlike when I was 101, I didn't have much time, so if I did it about 5 times, I would compromise and then. (Of course, if you make a mistake, make money)

↓ ** Week 2 ** ** ・ Solving Ping-t frame questions ** Personally, it is quite difficult to ask 102 frames, and I thought that I would not have enough time if I did it until it exceeded 80%, so I compromised with 65% or more correct answers.

** ・ Solve the Speedmaster problem collection. ** ** Unlike the time of 101, I got the impression that there are quite a lot of problems that can not be asked with Ping-t. There were still some problems that I couldn't understand, but for the time being, I ended up with one book and compromised.

Test results (Test 102)

Examination date: July 12, 2020 Score: 680 Pass line: 500 Result: pass

Shells and shell scripts: 75% User interface and desktop: 100% Administrative tasks: 83% Essential System Service: 91% Networking Fundamentals: 100% Security: 70%

There are many compromises in the 102 exam at the study stage, so I was quite nervous and challenged. There were many questions that I couldn't answer with confidence, so I was thrilled to press the "End Exam" button.

Impressions of taking the exam

I think it's a very worthwhile exam because you can learn about Linux systematically.

It's not because I have a qualification. I know that, but I don't think this one and a half month experience is "total waste". After all, it's up to you how to make use of it, so I want to avoid wasting it.

Please open this article again Thank you for reading this far.

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