[PYTHON] Get ranking with Rakuten API

A script to enter the category ID with input and get up to 30th place in Rakuten ranking. A memorandum for playing around with it in the future.


# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import requests
import sys, codecs
sys.stdout = codecs.getwriter("utf-8")(sys.stdout)

gen_input = input("catID input here: ")

url = "https://app.rakuten.co.jp/services/api/IchibaItem/Ranking/20120927?"

st_load = {
	"genreId": gen_input,
	"applicationId": [your id],

r = requests.get(url, params=st_load)

res = r.json()

for i in res["Items"]:
	item = i["Item"]
	print u"Ranking: ",item["rank"],u"Rank"
	print u"Product name: ",item["itemName"]
	print u"URL: ",item["itemUrl"]
	print u"price: ",item["itemPrice"], u"Circle", "\n"

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