I want to be notified when the command operation is completed on linux!


This article is the 13th day article of Linux Advent Calender 2020 Part 2. It also became an article on the 14th day of ICT Advent Calender 2020 in a hurry.

Have you ever been depressed when you suddenly did yum update on linux with 500 packages? I have. So let's solve this with Chrome's Secure Shell and a simple script (hterm-notify)! image.png That is what I want to do this time.


This is my environment now.

CentOS Stream release 8[^1] [^ 1]: Recently migrated, Article Google Secure Shell Chrome browser

Secure Shell is very convenient because you can access the console with chrome tabs. Recommended.

I will try it for the time being

Google teacher left a great one, so I will use it as it is (hey) This page contains the contents of the shell script (hterm-notify) as it is, so copy it. Go to the console and create and edit a file called notify in/bin.

vim /bin/notify

Copy all the content you just copied.

How to use

notify title"Text"

It can be done with. So

sleep 5 && notify Hooray "The sleep's done!"

Then you can send the string The sleep's done! After 5 seconds. You did it!

at the end

This article is the 14th day article of ICT Advent Calender 2020. Yesterday was Fund. Did you write a baseball article before? Click here for article

Tomorrow is Sebiro. He has a lot of creative articles, so I'm looking forward to it. Click here for article

Have a nice Christmas, everyone!

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