Remove headings from multiple format CSV files with python


--I want to delete all the heading lines of a large number of csv files ――I'm using Jupyter Notebook

Advance preparation:

--This file is placed in the current directory --Put the csv file you want to header process in the Machine11_trd folder in the current directory.

import csv, os

#Create the path of the folder you want to process(1)Reference
csv_folder_path = os.path.join(".","InputFolder")

#Create the path of the output destination folder(2)Destination
headerRemoved_path = os.path.join(csv_folder_path,"headerRemoved")

#Create a new folder to contain the header-deleted files.
os.makedirs(headerRemoved_path, exist_ok=True)

#Loop all files in the specified folder under the current directory
#Extract the file name list in the specified folder
for csv_filename in os.listdir(csv_folder_path):
    if not csv_filename.endswith(".csv"):
        continue #Skip if it is not a csv file
    #print("Heading is being deleted"+ csv_filename + "...")
    #Read line by line from CSV file(Skip the first line)
    csv_file_obj = open(os.path.join(csv_folder_path, csv_filename))
    reader_obj = csv.reader(csv_file_obj)
    for row in reader_obj:
        #Do not add on the first or second line,Others will be added(3)Header condition
        if reader_obj.line_num == 1 or reader_obj.line_num == 2:
            continue #Skip the target line
    #Export CSV file to specified folder
    csv_file_obj = open(os.path.join(headerRemoved_path, csv_filename),"w",newline="")
    csv_writer = csv.writer(csv_file_obj)
    for row in csv_rows:

What you are doing

--Skip the first and second rows and save all rows in csv_rows [](change as needed) --Create a new CSV file in the headerRemove folder created in the current directory and write it out. --Do these with all CSVs in the target folder.


--At first, I tried to do it with datafram, but I couldn't read the ones with different numbers of columns well, so I read the list line by line and converted the list to dataframe type.

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