Convert multiple proto files at once with python

I'm a little addicted to it, so I'll write it down as a memorandum.

Thing you want to do

--I want to properly convert multiple protos that have dependencies --I don't know what arguments to pass to protoc.main ()

What i did

Looking back on the contents of hands-on

The following two methods are supported to convert proto to python.

Hit directly from the shell

$ python -m grpc_tools.protoc -I. --python_out=. --grpc_python_out=. helloworld.proto

Call from within python

from import protoc


From the conclusion, there is no function like "specify a directory and read proto recursively", and it is necessary to specify proto one by one as an argument. Therefore, it is not realistic to do it in the shell, and it can be assumed that using python's glob.glob () is a shortcut.

Argument confirmation of protoc.main ()

from import protoc

    '',                       #Magic
    '-I.',                    #Specifying a directory to scan proto--proto_path=***May be
    '--python_out=.',         # ***_pb2.Storage location of py
    '--grpc_python_out=.',    # ***_pb2_grpc.It seems that there is almost no advantage to separate it from the storage location of py ↑
    'helloworld.proto',       #Specifying the proto file to convert

That is, pass a tuple to protoc.main ().

When writing solid

All you have to do is add more and more to your butt.

from import protoc


When using a list

As mentioned above, using glob.glob () is smooth.

from import protoc
import glob

protos = glob.glob('hoge/**/*.proto', recursive=True)


What is *! ?? If you think, you can google with "python variable length argument". To put it plainly, it's a convenient one that expands to multiple variables by adding an asterisk to the beginning of the list.

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