A command to specify a file with a specific name in a directory with find and mv, cp, or gzip it (linux)

Personal notes

Approach the file with a specific name in the directory.

If you want to gzip all the .dat files named hoge in the current directory,

find . -name "hoge*.dat" -exec gzip -v '{}' \;

If you want to gzip hoge01.dat to hoge **. dat excluding hoge00.dat

find . -name "hoge*.dat" -not -name "*00*" -exec gzip -v '{}' \;

By the way, if you want to move

find . -name "hoge*.dat" -not -name "*00*" -exec mv '{}'Directory path name\;

It's easy to apply.

I used it as a reference ↓ Set complex search conditions with the find command

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