Image data type conversion [Python]


When handling image data in Python, it may be handled by "numpy (opencv)", "pillow", and "byte". A memorandum for converting each type.

numpy-> bytes (unverified)

num_bytes = num_numpy.tobytes()

numpy -> pil

num_pil = Image.fromarray(num_numpy)

pil -> bytes

num_byteio = io.BytesIO(), format='png')#Temporarily make it png
num_bytes = num_byteio.getvalue()

pil -> numpy

num_numpy = np.asarray(num_pil)

bytes -> numpy

num_byteio = io.BytesIO(num_bytes)
with as img
  num_numpy = np.asarray(img)

bytes -> pil

num_byteio = io.BytesIO(num_bytes)
num_pil =

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