New Linux textbook (study notes)

Chapter2 What is a shell?

--The role of the shell and the Linux kernel
The shell acts as a bridge between the user and the Linux kernel.
(Example) The shell receives the character string entered by the user and interprets it as a command from the user. After that, the shell finds the command indicated by the input character string and submits it to the Linux kernel. When Linx Kanel finishes executing the command, Sur outputs the result to the user. --What is a terminal?
Dedicated hardware used by users to input and output to a computer. The terminal and shell are separate software.
In the current Linux, the terminal as hardware is not used, and instead, a terminal emulator that implements the terminal as software is used. The terminal emulator is software that only provides input / output screens, and the shell runs inside the terminal emulator.

Chapter3 Useful features of the shell

--Command collection for moving the cursor

command Contents
Ctr + b Move one character backward
Ctr + f Move one character forward
Ctr + a Move to the beginning of the line
Ctr + e Move to the end of line
Alt + b Move one word backward
Alt + f Move one word forward
Ctr + w Delete one word at the end with one space delimiter

--Troubleshooting command collection

command Contents
Ctr + s Lock screen display
Ctr + q Unlock screen display
Ctr + l Clear screen
Ctr + e Move to the end of line

Chapter4 Files and Directories

--Role of each directory

Directory name                           role                                                                                                                                                                                
/bin The minimum required for the operation of Linux systems,
Contains commands of high importance
/dev To access device drivers
Stores the device file that serves as the interface
/etc Contains files related to Linux settings, etc.
This is an important directory for Linux management and operation.
/home Home directory assigned to each user
This is the directory where it is located.
/sbin /Similar to bin, with executable files
directory(Mainly commands for administrator users)
/tmp A directory for temporary files
/usr Executable file of the additionally installed application,
The directory where documents, libraries, etc. are located
/var This is a directory for storing changing data.
Data and logs created when the application is running,
E-mail etc. are stored in this directory.

--ls command

command     Contents
ls -a Files in the current directory
Display including hidden files
ls -F Files in the current directory
Display by type

Chapter5 Basics of file operations

--File operation command collection

command                                           Contents                                                                                           
mkdir Creating a directory
touch Create an empty file(If you want to create multiple files
続けてfile nameを入力すればいい)
rm Delete file(If you want to delete multiple files
続けてfile nameを入力すればいい)
rmdir Delete directory
cat Display the contents of the file.
(By specifying multiple files, files can be concatenated and displayed.)
less It is used when you want to browse a file with long contents.
You can scroll to see the contents.
(Better than cat when looking at long content)
「/You can search for a character string in the file by entering "".
cp Copy the file
mv Move files

--What is a link? (Hurdling, symbolic link)
A link is to give an alias to a file. (Something like a shortcut in Windows)
** Hard link **: A function to give multiple names to the entity of one file.
The entity of the file with the hard link is deleted when all the hard links are lost. (Does the linked file itself feel like a hard link?)
** Symbolic link **: A file in which the path name of the link destination is written. The link destination is the actual file and is a real file. Deleting a symbolic link does not affect the linked file. On the other hand, if the linked file is deleted, the symbolic link will be in a broken state. (Because there is no link)

command                                                                                            Contents                                             
ln Creating a hard link
ln Creating a symbolic link

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