[LINUX] Hit the top command with htop

What do you guys use when checking CPU load on Linux? ?? I think there are various things such as vmstat, mpstat, and external tools, but the one that can be checked for each process is top. I thought " top is great! Convenient !! ", but I found this article.

"Top" is outdated! ?? Let's use "htop" from now on!

Yeah, isn't htop upward compatible! Moreover, the Raspberry pi OS comes standard with the lite configuration, so there is no reason not to use it.


It's very easy to use, just type htop. And the display is as follows. 175051.png That's right. The usage rate of each CPU core is graphed. This is easy to see, adopted! !!

htop -h The options are as follows.

-C --no-color               Use a monochrome color scheme #Display in monochrome
-d --delay=DELAY            Set the delay between updates, in tenths of seconds #Set update interval (1)/10 seconds)
-h --help                   Print this help screen #Show this screen
-s --sort-key=COLUMN        Sort by COLUMN (try --sort-key=help for a list) #Sort by column
-t --tree                   Show the tree view by default #In tree view
-u --user=USERNAME          Show only processes of a given user #Limited to the process of the specified user
-p --pid=PID,[,PID,PID...]  Show only the given PIDs #Limited to processes with specified PID
-v --version                Print version info #Show version

Please refer to man htop for details, although there is a detailed explanation at the bottom of the screen during execution.


Although there is some information that has been deleted, there are plenty of functions such as filters that seem to be useful. The graphical display is easy to see, so I would like to use it frequently. As some of you may know, I haven't seen many articles like this, so I've summarized them.

Thank you for reading! ~~ It makes me feel better when I see LGTM attached (laughs) ~~

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