An app that you must put in Linux

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In this article, I've summarized what I almost always have in Linux and what I would die without. You may think, "There is a better tool!" Or "What do you use it for!", But each person needs different things, so scroll down and read only the parts that seem interesting. The shape is fine.

The commands written side by side are intended for installation using APT on Linux Mint.

GUI app

Even though I'm a Linux user, I rely on the GUI to some extent. I'm not an all-CUI superhuman without a desktop environment ...

Multimedia relations

VLC media player

sudo apt install vlc

Playback software with a wide variety of compatible codecs. If you put this one in, you will have almost no trouble playing media. Also used for DVD playback. There is also a media conversion function. (Although I always use ffmpeg described later ...)


sudo apt install audacious

Personally the best music player to use in the background. The playlist function is easy to use with a simple UI, and it is lightweight and starts up quickly. Only playlists and playbars stand out in the window. If you don't want to play a stream or a list of recently played ones, I recommend it over Rhythmbox.

YouTube to MP3

#It seems that it is possible to download the package in advance or add the repository manually
#RPM package is not distributed
sudo apt install ./YouTubeToMP3.amd64.deb

As the name suggests, software that saves YouTube videos as audio files. I love it because it can be downloaded all at once from YouTube playlists. There is also a function that periodically checks the contents of the playlist and automatically downloads the added videos. I'm downloading NCS songs. (I honestly think it's gray if you can download YouTube videos without permission. If you don't redistribute it, it won't come out ...) ~~ ??? "It's not a crime if you don't get it!" ~~


sudo apt install simplescreenrecorder

Desktop recording software. Desktop capture is also possible with OBS, but I prefer this because it has a small turn.

Image processing related


sudo apt install inkscape

Vector editing software. Also used to erase some extra lines. I also like the "optimized SVG output".


sudo apt install gimp

Raster image editing software that may be included by default. Used for editing such as cropping and transparency of images. Before I got into Linux in earnest, I used to use Windows Paint a lot. Now it's just like screenshot storage software such as WindowsPaint.


sudo apt install dia

Used to create diagrams used for writing articles, etc. I love it because it can output svg and I can draw figures along the squares. I miss those days when I was working hard to draw diagrams using PowerPoint.

System related


sudo apt install gparted

Disk partition management software. Used when performing operations that cannot be performed with the drive management software called "disk" that is included in Linux Mint by default.


sudo apt install bleachbit

It deletes temporary system files and caches. If you run it occasionally, you can save nearly a few GB.


Visual Studio Code

#Download the package in advance
#Note that the package name differs depending on the version.
sudo apt install ./code_1.42.1-1581432938_amd64.deb

A code editor provided by Microsoft as open source. Input completion of variable names, function names, file names, etc. is convenient and I love it. ~~ The only favorite Microsoft product. ~~


sudo apt install gnome-games

Includes Othello, Minesweeper, and a little puzzle game. When you want to take a break.


sudo apt install kpat

You can play various solitaires. Solitaire is also included in the previous gnome-games, but solitaire other than Klondike is also recorded here, and I personally like this graphic as well.


#Download the package in advance
#Note that the package name differs depending on the version.
sudo apt install ./discord-0.0.10.deb

Discord desktop app. Even if you close the window, it stays running in the background by default. Previously delivered on SNAP, but abolished? ~~ Unlike LINE, I'm happy that there is a Linux version. ~~


#Download the package in advance
#Note that the package name differs depending on the version.
sudo apt install ./slack-desktop-4.2.0-amd64.deb

Slack desktop app. Again, it keeps running in the background by default even if you close the window. ~~ LINE and h (ry ~~


#With fcitx alone, only the framework is included
sudo apt install fcitx

# fcitx-By including mozc, you can input Japanese.
#Perhaps suddenly fcitx-Fcitx will be installed automatically just by inserting mozc
sudo apt install fcitx-mozc

Input method. This makes it possible to input Japanese characters. Depending on the distribution, the Japanese input method (IME) may not be included by default, so install it manually in some cases. Personally, I prefer it to iBus.

CUI app

Even with the development of GUI, CUI is still active. If you remember the commands and options, you can start the desired operation immediately, and if you can semi-automate with a shell script, it is as strong as a GUI.

Compiler related

gcc, g++

sudo apt install gcc g++

It may be used in make, so put it in. ~~ Usually, I only write shell scripts and don't write much C ++. ~~

Multimedia relations


sudo apt install ffmpeg

Software that can convert video files and audio files. When you're new to using it, you may struggle with command options, but once you get used to it, you can use it more comfortably than a poor GUI app. (* There are individual differences in how you feel.) It is also used to check media information with ffprove.

Image processing related


sudo apt install gnuplot

Software that can create graphs and output images. This is when it is troublesome to start up spreadsheet software when creating a graph of mathematical formulas. Supports a variety of image output formats. Some people say "wildebeest plot" or "wildebeest plot".


sudo apt install imagemagick

Software that allows you to convert image files and perform simple editing such as rotation and trimming. To output to PDF, edit the setting file. (At the time of writing the article)


* Build from source code is required. The installation method is omitted here.

A JPEG encoder released by Mozilla as open source. It has the highest compression ratio among several encoders that exist. Basically, we use jpegtran and cjpeg. It is also possible to remove JPEG metadata with jpegtran.


sudo apt install zopfli

A PNG encoder released by Google as open source. With the -m option, it will repeat the encoding multiple times and re-encode until the file size reduction is small. There are other options related to compression ratio, but I usually only use the -m option. Encoding a single image can also take seconds, or even tens of seconds at the longest.


sudo apt install exiftool

Software that allows you to check the metadata of various files. It is one of my favorite software that is often used to help me create my own shell scripts.



sudo apt install vim

A long-established text editor that has existed since the early days of Linux. There are also many extended functions. In many Unix / Linux environments, it is often installed by default. This is definitely an option for editing configuration files that require root privileges. ~~ By the way, I'm not a madman Vimmer. ~~


sudo apt install fish

#Check the available shell and fish file paths
cat /etc/shells

#After installation, make fish act as the default shell
#Changes will be applied after PC restart
#* The file path may differ depending on the environment.
chsh /usr/bin/fish

Linux shell. Bash works by default in Linux Mint, but I prefer fish. One of the reasons I like it is that you can customize the prompt on your browser.

To build an environment that suits you

There are some blogs that describe how to use various software, but the best thing is to touch it yourself. If you feel that you are not satisfied with the pre-installed ones, you may want to explore various things.

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