Python vba to create a date string for creating a file name

Creating a file name is essential for scraping. Is the file name most often date + serial number? In many cases, date + time is fine, but If the number is small, the date + serial number is the most popular, so I made a note of how to create the file name.

For Python

Premise Windows Python3.7 The following is when creating a CSV file name with date + serial number If you format () with strftime, it can be treated as a character string. You can add the desired string to the end.


import datetime
hizuke =
hizuke = hizuke.strftime('%Y-%m-%d')
file1 = hizuke+"-1.csv"  #2020-08-11-1.csv * Today's date
file2 = hizuke+"-2.csv"    #2020-08-11-2.csv

Click here for detailed date format

For vba


 Dim strFileNm As String
 strFileNm = Format(Now(), "yyyy-mm-dd") & "-1.csv" '2020-08-11-1.csv * Today's date

Click here for detailed date format

In the case of vba, the date formatting is the same as the one used in Excel, so it is familiar.

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