How to deal with errors when installing Python and pip with choco

tl; dr Even if you put python in choco, you can pass environment variables by yourself. If you want to use pip, put it in yourself.


After installing python3.7 using choco to install ROS2, on powershell

$ python

When you enter, the Microsoft Store opens.

Also, when I try to install pip with choco, I cannot install it due to an error.


First, after installing python

$ refreshenv

And reflect it.

After this, again

$ python

If the Microsoft Store opens even if you enter, you need to enter the environment variables yourself. In my case, there was a folder called python (version) directly under the C drive, so set this to the path of the environment variable. Then, python became usable.

Next, when I try to install pip with choco, I get an error. I forgot to take the error log at this time, so I will omit it.

In this case, download the pip installation script from the net. Execute the following in the folder where python is installed.

$ wget "" -O ""
$ python

Then, the Scripts folder will be created in the folder, so register this in the path of the environment variable as well. Then you can use pip.


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