Creating a Python document generation tool because it is difficult to use sphinx

Overview As the program grows to a certain scale, it will become almost essential to create documents for individuals or even a few people.

But Python's document generation tool doesn't feel very good.

It's almost the de facto standard sphinx, but are they really enduring such ** penance **? : thinking:

Recent Python has added elements such as Type Hints and Variable Annotation, and static type checking such as mypy makes debugging programs much easier.

However, document generation is not easy for the rest of my life ...: cry:

Even Cython supports Type Hints and Variable Annotation, but when it comes to sphinx, ** sphinx-quickstart ** is no longer quick.

I'm waiting for someone great to make it, but it's hard to come out, so I decided to make it myself.



Since the tool is not in a state where it can be distributed, I will wait for the ** strongest engineer swastika ** to develop it, influenced by this article.

I will do my best to refactor if I get a pull request.


I tried to convert itself to markdown with this tool. Vuepress is used to convert markdown-> html.

Vuepress is basically like a git book, but it looks cool and it's nice because the components are applied in vue.js.

Issue Actually, I'm not parsing Python, I'm doing gorigori string processing.

So ** Of course, it doesn't support transformation notation like function closure **

Since the side effects are all messed up methods, I would like to write it functionally if possible to dilute the side effects, but since it is a mystery how much it affects performance, depending on the result, I want to get it quickly and quickly around Cythonize or Rust. ..

I wish I could easily see the source of the self-made system that I was developing in my research. I made it in a couple of hours with a loose concept, but it felt surprisingly good, so I'd like to implement it properly. Masu.: Sushi:


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