[LINUX] A script that can perform stress tests according to the number of CPU cores


When trying to stress test a CPU in a Linux environment, I think the easiest way is yes> / dev / null.

However, this command has a weakness, and when the number of CPU cores is 2 or more, after executing multiple processes at the same time, the kill command will forcibly stop the process. [Linux] How to easily apply CPU load without using stress command

Therefore, the ʻopenssl` command introduced in I tried to summarize how to easily apply CPU load on Linux Using it, I made a script that can execute the stress test of the CPU considering the number of logical cores (number of threads) of the CPU.

Created script


function usage {
    cat <<EOS
$(basename ${0}) is a cpu stress test tool for multi-core processor.
    $(basename ${0}) [<options>]
    -n    using n cores in stress test. default is `grep processor /proc/cpuinfo | wc -l`.

CPU_THREADS=`grep processor /proc/cpuinfo | wc -l`

while getopts n:h OPT
  case $OPT in
    "h" ) usage;
          exit 0

echo "using "$CPU_THREADS" cores in stress test."
openssl speed -multi $CPU_THREADS > /dev/null 2>&1

How to use

Command options

[[email protected] ~]# ./cpu_stress_test.sh -h
cpu_stress_test.sh is a cpu stress test tool for multi-core processor.

    cpu_stress_test.sh [<options>]

    -n    using n cores in stress test. default is 8.

Run CPU stress test

[[email protected] ~]# ./cpu_stress_test.sh -n 2
using 2 cores in stress test.

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