How to get started with Python


--Purpose of this article: Prepare the analysis environment --Analysis environment on your PC !! --Automate analysis --Procedural analysis (not only borrow the wisdom of the ancestors, but also leave the wisdom to the juniors)

(Let's do research (work) in an environment that anyone can use without being bound by a license such as MATLAB.)

Get to know Python


Get to know Python at the URL below.

-Original -Python Japanese --Python Module --Equivalent to Toolbox in MATLAB

What you can do

--String processing --Scientific calculation: data analysis, data drawing --Communication: Communication in various industrial IOs (USB, RS-232C, ....; control of measuring instruments, etc.), network --Other: Creating web, manuals, reports?

Anyway, I think I can do anything.

Prepare the environment

Currently, Python has 2.7 series and 3.5 series, but let's use 3.5 series, which has a long support period.

--Reference: [Links] Introduction to Python Science and Technology Calculation Package (Enthought Canopy, Anaconda, Pythonxy)


-Download from here - Anaconda --Reference: Create a python environment on Windows --I didn't know that you can manage python version in conda environment.


--Homebrew (package management tool)

Install using anyenv and pyenv.


# Mac/Put Homebrew
$ /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

#Let's put git
$ brew install git # Mac
$ sudo apt-get install git #Debian system
$ sudo yum install git #RedHat system

Put python

#Install anyenv and pyenv.
$ git clone ~/.anyenv
$ echo 'export PATH="$HOME/.anyenv/bin:$PATH"' >> $HOME/.zshrc
$ echo 'eval "$(anyenv init -)"' >> ~/.zshrc
$ exec $SHELL -l

$ anyenv install pyenv

$ pyenv install anaconda3-*.*.* #Its newest number
$ pyenv global anaconda3-*.*.* && pyenv rehash && exec $SHELL -l

For people other than zsh, please read each

Module installation

Let's put the following modules

--Scipy relations: Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib, iPython, pandas

> pip install numpy

Get started with Python

I think there is something I want to do here, but let's search for "Introduction to python" or "python regression analysis" on Google etc. Also, refer to the following page.

-Python Tutorial -Scipy Lecture Notes (Japanese translation) -Dot install: python

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