[PYTHON] Change retry settings with boto3

python 3.7 boto3 1.4.4

Error retry and exponential backoff on AWS

Each AWS SDK implements automatic retry logic

Either change it in the config file or change it in code For configuration files, it also works with the AWS CLI

setting file

Prepare ~ / .aws / models / _retry.json. The writing method is the same as _retry.json of the botocore package. http://botocore.readthedocs.io/en/latest/reference/loaders.html

Directly change the value of the client retry handler

boto2.num_retries equivalent in retryhandler.py or _retry.json #882

import boto3

client = boto3.client('stepfunctions')
client.meta.events._unique_id_handlers['retry-config-states']['handler']._checker.__dict__['_max_attempts'] = 1

The states part of retry-config-states is the value for each service. In the above example, the number of retries in step functions is set to 1.

Currently, a PR that allows you to specify settings for each session is waiting for a merge Add possibility of modifying retry_config #891

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