[LINUX] Edit the file of the SSH connection destination server on the server with VS Code

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The method of editing files on the server with VS Code has already been mentioned in Qiita, and I also learned it here. By the way, I referred to the following article. Four ways to edit files on the server with VS Code

This time, as a reminder of myself, the above article I will write it in more detail and leave it like a procedure manual for a rugged monitoring operator w Well, if you don't have the time, I think it's faster to see the explanation in the link above.

It is assumed that VSCode is included and a server that can connect to SSH is running, but if you have not done so, please introduce it by referring to the following article. Installing Visual Studio Code (Windows version) Install CentOS in VirtualBox

Plugin installation

Left-click [Extensions] in the [View] tab. image.png

Type Remote-SSH in the search window and Left-click [Install] in the narrowed down plug-in "Remote-SSH". image.png

When you install it, the plugin description tab will open automatically, so close it. image.png

Left-click [Command Palette ...] in [View Tab]. For the time being, you can also open it with the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + P. image.png

In the search window Remote-SSH: Connect to Host ...

Then left-click on the narrowed down "Remote-SSH: Connect to Host ...". image.png

Left-click [+ Add New SSH Host ...]. image.png

Enter [ssh username @ hostname].


Since the screen for selecting the setting file to be updated is displayed, select.

The screen is displayed at the bottom left, so left-click [Connect]. image.png

A new VS Code window opens. In the search window, enter your server login password Press the Enter key. image.png

If you left-click [Open File ...] from the [File] tab, you can select the file on the connection destination server.

image.png image.png

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