[PYTHON] Get information with zabbix api

Challenge to control zabbix api in Python This time I will try to get information

There are pyzabbix etc. which are convenient for Python, but Assuming that there is resistance to installation in the company server environment I tried using json and urllib2 Also, if you can, I think that you will use it after dropping it into a module, I will not do that much this time

Since I am a beginner of Python, I referred to the contents of the predecessor when creating it. [I was allowed to reference] http://www.zumwalt.info/blog/2012/11/pyhtonでzabbix-apiを触ってみる/

Assumed to try this time

--Try to make effective use of remarks (memo writing) with inventory information (I borrowed an idea because my colleague was doing it) --Check if there is any memo (your own memorandum) to share before logging in to the server (it may not be effective because it is a prerequisite to write the memo firmly)

Python script

The operation was confirmed on zabbix 2.0 series and zabbix 2.4 series.

About settings

Please rewrite the url part of client to the address you are listening to Also, don't forget to set http or https

Contents of this time


# coding: utf-8

import os
import sys
import getpass
import json
import urllib2

if len(sys.argv) != 2 :
  print ' ERROR : Please check Search hostname.'
  print '  Usage: ' + os.path.basename(__file__) + ' [search hostname]'

client = ''
postheader = {'Content-Type': 'application/json-rpc'}

userid = raw_input('Please Enter Zabbix Web Account : ')
passwd = getpass.getpass('PASSWORD :')
while userid == '':
  print 'type the account.'
  userid = raw_input('Please Enter Zabbix Web Account : ')
while passwd == '':
  print 'type the password'
  passwd = getpass.getpass('PASSWORD :')

# auth
authquery = json.dumps({'jsonrpc':'2.0', 'method':'user.login', 'params':{'user':userid, 'password':passwd}, 'auth':None, 'id': 1})
authreq = urllib2.Request(client, authquery, postheader)

try :
  getauthresult = urllib2.urlopen(authreq).read()
  authresult = json.loads(getauthresult)

except Exception as e :
  print ' %s %s' % ('ERROR :',e)
  print '         Please check zabbix URL Setting or Others.'

if 'error' in authresult :
  print ' %s %s' % ('API Error :',authresult['error']['data'])

# query
##Methods and parameters
# host.get :Host information acquisition method
# output : Object properties to be returned.If you look at the documentation now, default is extend
# filter : 'status:0' =Monitor-enabled host, 'host:[hogehoge]'Filter by the specified host name
# inventory :Output specification of inventory information item extend=Show all
#If you only want to get the inventory of a specific host, the host of the filter,Only select inventory looks good
postquery = json.dumps({'jsonrpc':'2.0', 'method':'host.get', 'params':{'output':'extend', 'filter':{'status':'0', 'host':sys.argv[1]}, 'selectInventory':'extend'}, 'auth':authresult['result'], 'id':1})
postreq = urllib2.Request(client, postquery, postheader)
getpostresult = urllib2.urlopen(postreq).read()
postresult = json.loads(getpostresult)

# result is empty
if not postresult['result'] :
  print 'no such host.'

# result data export
for data in postresult['result'] :
  if not data['inventory'] :
    print 'no such inventory .'
  info = data['inventory']['notes']

print '--------------------------------------------------'
print '%s%s%s%s%s' % ('# INFO ->  ', sys.argv[1], ' : ', '\n', info)

Execution test

--Prepare an account with each reference authority (Admin is ok) --List inventory information for testing This time we will use remarks (notes) スクリーンショット 2016-10-20 1.19.32.png

--Striking the script $ scriptname.py [Search target host name (set to zabbix)]


$ ./get.py test
Please Enter Zabbix Web Account : test
# INFO ->  test :
test test test
Even a test

The output is not good, but you can extract it like this I thought it would be convenient to make it a habit to check every time before logging in to the server, but it is difficult to make rules.

Error when running this script

:If the URL is specified incorrectly:

$ ./get.py test
Please Enter Zabbix Web Account : test
 ERROR : <urlopen error [Errno 111] Connection refused>
         Please check zabbix URL Setting or Others.

$ ./get.py test
Please Enter Zabbix Web Account : test
 ERROR : HTTP Error 404: Not Found
         Please check zabbix URL Setting or Others.

:Account or password mistake:

$ ./get.py test
Please Enter Zabbix Web Account :a
 API Error : Login name or password is incorrect.

:Inventory is disabled, host does not exist (unauthorized and cannot be referenced):

$ ./get.py test1
Please Enter Zabbix Web Account : test
no such host.

$ ./get.py test2
Please Enter Zabbix Web Account : test
no such inventory.

Of course, you can get various things by changing the method and parameters. Also, I feel that I was able to specify the items to be acquired with selectInventory for this Inventory information. For some reason I remember failing, so I make it extend and process the data

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