[PYTHON] Build your Django app on Docker and deploy it to AWS Fargate


Python is attracting attention in AI, machine learning, big data analysis, and so on. As the number of web applications using Python is expected to increase in the future, we will post a series of steps from creating an application using Django, which is a Python framework, to deploying it in a container to AWS Fargate. I will.

Based on my development experience at the Fintech startup I belong to, the configuration of Django + Docker + AWS Fargate is

  1. Low learning cost
  2. Easy to jointly develop
  3. Easy to scale We believe that it is a best practice for web application development by individuals and startups.

Please refer to each post for details as we will post each item in small pieces. Please use this page as a table of contents as we will post articles every day and add the links to this page.

table of contents

  1. Why Python now
  2. About Django
  3. About Docker (1) Hello, World with Docker
  4. Run your Django application on Docker (1) Start Django in a virtual environment using Pipenv (2) Start Django on the Docker container using docker-compose up 5.PostgresSQL (1) Using PostgreSQL with Docker + Django
  5. Creating an application (1) Implementing Custom User Model in Django  (2)URLs  (3)Views (4) Authentication function (5) Environment variables
  6. Email settings
  7. Upload file
  8. Authority
  9. Search 11.Perfomance
  10. Security
  11. Deploy

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